Animal Instinct Take Part in Giddo's Gift £647 Football Fundraiser

Animal Instinct took part in the annual Giddo's Gift 5 a Side Football Fundraiser on Sunday 13th August, helping to raise a total of £647.42.

Giddo's Gift, a local Flintshire charity that raises money to help people that suffer with cancer in North West England and North Wales, was launched by the family of the late Jordan Giddins. 

Animal Instinct have worked with the charity in the past, helping to raise funds in June 2023 in the Monster Mentality Powerlifting Competition in Fervid Fitness.

Co-Founders Nile and Adam representing Animal Instinct in Giddo's Gift Fundraiser in June.

The lads put on a valiant display this past weekend for a group of people that don't really play football too often. Co-Founder Liam Bedford put in a solid effort on the back line, and thoroughly enjoyed the day as a whole.

Co-Founder Liam Bedford takes on a defender in Charity Football Tournament.

"It (the tournament) was great fun!" said Liam.

"There were some top players on the day that proved a challenge for us, but everyone there was a good sport. I'm glad that we as a company were able to raise money for such a great local charity".

Seth Rhouni-Bellouti was our top scorer on the day, netting 5 goals against the opposition sides. Bellouti used to play competitively in his younger years, and even had trials at Liverpool FC.

Seth Rhouni-Bellouti showing his skills against FC Oakenholt.

"Yeah I only found out about the tournament on the day! Nile called me up an hour before kick off and told me he needed a player, so I went and fished the boots out the cupboard and came on down" explained Seth.

"Thankfully I'm still good enough to hold my own with some of the skilled ballers, and I just want to thank Animal Instinct for allowing me to take part in what was a very successful day for Giddo's Gift".

Liam wasn't the only representative of Animal Instinct on the day, as Co-Founder Nile Breeze captained the team throughout the tournament.

Co-Founder Nile watching on.

"I'm very proud and thankful for the lads for showing up and supporting Animal Instinct, as well as raising money for Giddo's Gift.

It's fair to say we weren't the best team there, but we gave it our best shot. Animal Instinct isn't about being the best, it's about being better than who you were yesterday, and making that conscious effort to become better everyday, and that's what them boys showed out there today" said Nile.

"I just want to say a huge thank you to Giddo's Gift for organising such a great tournament, and The Mill Tavern for providing food for the players afterwards, because I was starving!" joked Nile.

Animal Instinct will now turn their attentions to Tough Mudder on September 10th, where Nile and Liam will be joined by Co-Founder Chris, Brand Ambassador Owen and Liam Hopkins.