About Us

Animal Instinct is a brand that thrives on pushing boundaries, simultaneously embracing the past whilst forging a better futureWe aim to achieve independence in a world where others are shackled by reliance. In an era where technology enslaves our minds and weakens our bodies, we reject this newfound norm while carving out our own unique path to success.
Our aim is to guide people on their journey to success by providing them with the tools they need to become the master of their mind and the pilot of their body. Embracing this attitude makes everyone capable of progression, and with self belief and a positive mindset anyone can live the life they want.
Animal Instinct was founded by a group of friends who were unsatisfied with the direction our lives were heading.
Over the past year we have made necessary changes to our lifestyle in an effort to lead a more fulfilling life. This is something we strive to uphold throughout our journey with the aim of passing this message onto others.