What Is An Animal Instinct? Do Humans Still Have Animal Instincts?

What Is An Animal Instinct? Do Humans Still Have Animal Instincts?

We hear the term all throughout our lives: Animal Instinct. We vaguely know it as something that is passed down from our ancestors, something that helps us to survive.

When we think of it in this way, we tend to disregard our need to activate it. In first world countries, we don't need to work to survive anymore. We're very privileged in that we can go about our daily lives without ever experiencing that feeling of mortality.

So, when we take this into account, it raises the question: Do we need to use our animal instinct anymore? Do humans still have animal instincts? But allow me to repurpose the question: 

How far can we really go if we use our Animal Instinct?

Got you thinking, right? In this article we will take a deep look into this phenomenon that we all possess, and how our animal instinct can benefit our lives when we utilise it to the best of our abilities.

What Is An Animal Instinct?

Every animal is born with instincts. They are what keep most living beings alive each and every day.

According to Collins Dictionary, an instinct is the natural tendency that an animal/person has to behave or react in a certain way.

An animal instinct is the ability to know without thinking, and be able to react to a situation or circumstance based on subconscious knowledge and willingness to survive.

When applied, an animal instinct can be the difference between life and death. It serves as a warning system to alert an animal of potential dangers.

Do Humans Still Have Animal Instincts?

As mentioned earlier in the article, a lot of you reading this won't be commonly put in situations where you have to survive.

You probably live in a home, with heating and electric, and have access to clean food and water.

Granted, there are still people out there that don't have this privilege, and have to actively keep themselves alive everyday.

But, in the west, this is not the case the majority of the time. We live our lives on autopilot as we have learnt that we can survive comfortable with minimal effort.

When we eat food now, we do it out of privilege, as we know that this is a common occurrence. We don't eat food out of fear of starvation, even though that has a small probability.

Humans still have animal instincts, even in first world countries. We don't need to use them, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't.

The Dangers Of Not Using Your Animal Instinct In Modern Society

When you don't use your Animal Instinct in modern society, you will start to see often unnoticeable symptoms of its underutilization.

It's absolutely common nowadays for people to constantly doom scroll on their phones, whether it's on Instagram or YouTube.

They will subconsciously rot their brains watching endless videos that provide no value and are designed to keep you watching.

People can argue that we don't need to use our animal instinct anymore. However, I would argue that we absolutely do need our animal instinct.

Death is still the enemy, but he has tricked you into thinking that because he isn't in front of you right now, that he's never coming at all. But that couldn't be further from the truth.

He's plucking away at you slowly, through constant social media usage and depression. He's bringing you closer to him everyday, slowly sucking the life and dreams out of you all the time.

It's time to fight back. You have the same enemy as your ancestors did. But now he's smarter, so you have to be to. 

How To Use Your Animal Instinct

When you realise that death is your enemy, and acknowledge the tools he is using to slowly kill you, such as phones and social media, you can come up with a plan to counter.

You need to set your goals, and design a roadmap to get you there. Once you acknowledge where you want to be, you need to convince yourself that anything less than what you want isn't a life at all.

Your dreams are your life. They are what keep you alive. Not hunting for food or running from danger (hopefully), but everything in your life that you love and aspire to attain.

Because that is what makes it YOUR life. And you can get there by embracing YOUR animal instinct.

Everyone has an Animal Instinct. You just need to give it instructions, and it will help you to take control of your life.


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